Next Step Marketing is your virtual marketing department, so you can focus on the ongoing day-to-day operations of your business. If your marketing efforts are limited to short, less than effective bursts, then we need to talk. Next Step Marketing works with you to:

  • Define your ideal customer.
  • Define your company’s marketing message and establish your brand.
  • Determine the best method for reaching your ideal customer with your marketing message.
  • Develop a coordinated marketing strategy including social media, networking opportunities, and hardcopy and electronic output.
  • Implement your customized marketing campaigns.

We know you understand that marketing is important and having a marketing plan is vital to your business. And... It’s “on the list for tomorrow”.

Let Next Step work on it for you - TODAY!

A Marketing Plan

Call us, we can identify your critical elements and get your marketing plan started.

Some Implementation Help

We help your marketing campaign get moving with the resources you need.

Design Guidance

Let us look at what you have and make sure it has got that put together coordinated look?

Social Media Integration

We can help you use social media effectively and to the best advantage.

Follow-up Help - You ran a “trickle” campaign to generate new leads, but got behind in the follow-up calls. Was it all a waste? Not if you can find someone else to make your calls.

Why not give Next Step Marketing a call today? The only thing you'll lose is a task off your "TO DO" list.

Case Study

Blanche’s Unusual Seaside Gifts carries an eclectic array of gift items made with shells, river stones and other natural materials. Her best sales times are summer when the summer population triples the size of her town. During holiday times, Blanche places ads for discounts in local and regional papers and there are also increases in sales. She collects names for a mailing list. There is a website that has not been updated in several years. The gift shop was recently moved to a new location in the same town.